Aggressive and Experienced DUI/OVI Defense for Northeast Ohio

Penalties for DUI and OVI in Ohio are substantial. If you have been stopped and arrested for drunk driving, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help protect your rights.

The attorneys at Williams, Kratcoski & Can, L.L.C. look carefully into every aspect of your DUI/OVI arrest. We question the validity of field sobriety and breath testing. We represent those whose livelihoods depend on commercial driver’s licenses. We want you to be able to continue to drive, so you can get to your job and resume providing for your family.

Williams, Kratcoski & Can, L.L.C. employs a team approach to your DUI/OVI case. Our lawyers can collaborate to put you in the best legal position possible as you may be facing jail time, heavy fines, damage to future job prospects and rising insurance premiums.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, on a major highway or near your college campus, contact us immediately. We have experience defending clients just like you, in Portage and Summit Counties, since 1950.

Protecting Your Rights and Driver’s License

Our full-service DUI/OVI defense law firm safeguards your interests in every phase of the legal process by:

  • Questioning whether there was probable cause to arrest you
  • Checking the field sobriety testing and BAC testing used
  • Handling administrative license suspensions
  • Seeking enrollment in driver intervention programs
  • Seeking lighter, alternative sentencing and community service
  • Working to getting you a DUI expungement

We are also available to defend you in misdemeanor traffic offenses such as speeding and reckless or careless driving. If a succession of traffic tickets threatens your driving privileges, we will protect your rights.

Contact our DUI/OVI Criminal Defense Law Office Today

Our skilled DUI/OVI lawyers will work hard to put you back on the road. Contact our defense law firm online right away, so we can begin discussing and investigating your case.

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