What is an Appellate Consultation Practitioner?

Appellate consultation practitioners research and preserve important legal issues during and after trial for use should it be necessary to overturn or defend a verdict.

Why Do I Need Appellate Consultation?

Appeals are unlike any other area of law. Successful appellate practice requires years of experience and an exceptional understanding of the law. It is common for trial lawyers to seek the advice of experienced Ohio appellate counsel throughout the course of a lawsuit. This collaborative effort ensures that the appeals process is a smooth one should it be necessary. Even as the trial attorney is working to bring their case to a successful conclusion, the appellate lawyers are carefully laying the foundation for an appeal. Thus, critical legal issues are safeguarded for later argument at the appeals level.

When Do I Need Appellate Consultation?

High stakes cases usually gain the most benefit from having an appellate consultation team. By working in tandem with the trial lawyers it is possible to craft more effective strategies. The appellate consultation practitioners often draft motions, verdict forms, and jury instructions that lay the groundwork for a successful appeal.

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