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The 411 on Restrictive Covenants

As the modern economy continues to evolve into one based in service and technology, and as competition for the best employees increases, employers and employees alike may be faced with challenge presented by restrictive covenants.

The term “restrictive covenants” is legal jargon for employment related agreements that seek to limit an employee’s rights and/or reduce […]

A Better “Best Interest”

James E.J. Ickes, Esq.
Kyle Mordew, Researcher

It is irrefutable that in contemporary American society, there exists a significant, widespread nutrition problem. In the State of Ohio, 65% of adults are overweight, while 29% are obese1. But what makes this problem so dangerous is twofold: (1) it is affecting children; and (2) it is getting […]

Focus on Community This Holiday Season

As this holiday season approaches, those of us here at WWKC Law hope that you will join us in considering what we can do to help out in not only Kent, but in Northeast Ohio. Especially in the current economic conditions, there are plenty of families in need and opportunities to help…even if just […]

The Fundamental Difference Between Incorporating and Starting a Business

Most successful business owners did not start out by thinking “I want to incorporate.” Instead, they thought “I want to start a successful business.”

The advertisements on the radio tell you that you can easily incorporate for a low fee. That is true enough. Anybody can form a corporate entity with the Secretary of State. […]