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A custody dispute, regardless of whether it takes place during, after or outside of a divorce, can be emotional and stressful. If you need help with a parenting plan or a custody issue, you need a skilled and experienced attorney to represent you and advocate on your behalf.

At Williams, Kratcoski & Can, L.L.C., we offer comprehensive family law services to clients in Summit County and Portage County. Child custody attorneys at our firm are dedicated to providing you with the personal attention you need.

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Custody and Visitation in Ohio — Parental Rights and Responsibilities

In Ohio, custody is known as parental rights and responsibilities, and visitation is laid out in a parenting plan. While the names have changed, the core concepts have remained the same. Since 1950, our attorneys have helped parents advocate for shared parenting plans that are custom tailored to their unique situations and are in the best interests of their children, now and into the future.

Attorneys at our full-service law firm handle custody cases in both juvenile court and domestic relations court. In addition to custody and visitation, we can help you with a range of matters involving your children, including:

  • Modifications — Our attorneys help clients modify existing parenting plans when there has been a change in circumstances, such as a move out of state, domestic violence or a new job that affects your visitation schedule.
  • Interstate custody issues — When parents live in two different states, we help resolve jurisdictional issues and other custody concerns under the Uniform Interstate Custody Act.
  • Parental relocation — Our attorneys help custodial parents who need to move out of state for a new job or a better life. We also help noncustodial parents challenge a child’s removal from the state.
  • Paternity — At our firm, we represent mothers who need to prove paternity to get child support as well as fathers fighting for the right to be a part of their child’s life.
  • Appeals — We also handle appeals in custody and visitation cases.

In many cases involving children, a guardian ad litem is appointed by the court to look out for your child’s interests. Our attorneys will represent you and protect your rights, working with the guardian ad litem and the court to develop a shared parenting plan.

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