Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Kent

Criminal appeals are embarked upon to bring to light judicial oversights or legal technicalities that may have unfairly affected the outcome of your case. Criminal appeals are complex cases requiring specific legal expertise. If you’ve been convicted in Ohio and feel the verdict was unfair or the sentence was excessive, you might want to investigate filing a criminal appeal.

The Difference Between a Criminal Trial and a Criminal Appeal

A criminal appeal is different than a criminal trial. A trial involves presenting evidence and testimony so that a jury can determine guilt or innocence. During the appeal process it is not possible for new evidence to be presented. Instead, the task of the criminal appeals attorney is to expose to the Appellate Court the misinterpretations of the law by the Down Court that may have led to an excessive sentence or a guilty verdict when one was not warranted.

Possible Favorable Outcomes of an Appeal

Several favorable outcomes may be achieved through filing a criminal appeal. In some cases the verdict is fully reversed and the defendant is set free. In other circumstances, the appeals court may reverse the verdict but also assert that a new trial is warranted.

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