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Land Contracts

A land contact is a real estate financing device. It is used primarily where the buyer cannot get conventional financing to pay the entire purchase price at once. However, it can also be used where the seller does not want the entire purchase price at once, opting instead to receive a steady income. At Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC, our attorneys have prepared hundreds of land contracts for our clients over the years, and we understand the issues involved whether you are on the buyer’s side of the fence or the seller’s side of the fence.

We can explain the risks and obligations and help you fashion an actual contract that is satisfactory to you. Common questions clients have regarding land contracts are:

  • What expenses will each of the parties pay, such as insurance and taxes?
  • What happens if the buyer can not pay or otherwise defaults on the contract?
  • What happens if the buyer damages the property?
  • How can the buyer be sure to get good title at the end after having paid for the property?

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