Property disputes arise when two parties cannot agree on ownership or transfer of certain property. Under the canopy of civil litigation, property disputes cover a multitude of issues. These issues most commonly relate to property line disputes, and issues that arise as to the title of a person’s property, disagreements between neighbors and homeowners associations. In a property dispute, you may gain or lose certain valuable assets. To help protect those assets you need an experienced property attorney to guide you through the process.

Types of Property

Generally, property can be classified into two categories. The first category is real property, this consists of land or anything permanently attached to land, such as fixtures. Real property and/or a fixture cannot be moved from its current location without causing significant damage. A house on vacant land and/or a residential house are examples of real property.

The second category of property is personal property. Personal property is anything besides land or fixtures that may be subject to ownership. Personal property, unlike real property, is movable. Personal Property can be both tangible and intangible. Bank Accounts, jewelry, automobiles, furniture, works of art and stocks are all examples of personal property.

Protecting Your Right to Your Property

Property disputes are always complicated, and the outcome often turns on a specific detail or point of law. Having experienced, well qualified legal counsel is imperative if you are involved in a property dispute our attorneys can help you protect your property or regain possession/title to any property you may want to retrieve.

Property dispute litigation can be difficult, but better outcomes are achieved when a skilled legal professional is working on your behalf.

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