Real estate property disputes can be complex and contentious. A simple misunderstanding about a property boundary can escalate into a hostile dispute and can arise in a number of varying scenarios and often become complex and contentious. Questions of boundaries and titles come up frequently when buying or selling real estate. When a couple gets divorced, they may have significant disagreements about the division of real estate property. Trouble may also arise when a property owner dies without a will. In all of these real estate property dispute scenarios, it is best to have legal counsel prepared to lend a hand.

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The skilled attorneys at Williams, Kratcoski, Griffin & Can, LLC may be able to resolve the situation with efficiency through arbitration or mediation. Alternatively, our attorneys are prepared to go to trial if the situation demands it. With skill and dedication, we will work toward a resolution that is in the best interests of our clients. Contact us for an initial consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available.