Green Card Renewal for Lawful Permanent Residents

It is important for foreign nationals who have the intent of permanently residing in the United States to obtain a green card. A green card is a form of status that allows a foreign national to permanently live and work in the U.S. as well as travel and return freely. A green card is typically valid for 10 years and will need to be renewed before its expiration date if you plan on maintaining your legal residential status in the United States. If it is time for you to renew your green card, it is important that you seek legal assistance from our experienced immigration attorney who may help with the preparation of the renewal application.

What is Required

It is necessary to renew your green card in order to prove that you have lawful status in the United States. As part of the green card renewal process you will need to show that you are of good moral character and qualify for a green card. You will be scheduled for a biometrics appointment where you will be fingerprinted. If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime it will be revealed in your background check. Additionally, you will need to show that you have not abandoned your permanent resident status at any time. If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime or immigration violation or if you have spent long periods of time outside of the United States, it is important that you speak with an attorney because your status may be at risk. Our immigration attorney will evaluate your case and may provide possible defenses that might preserve your status.

Contact a Skilled Immigration Attorney

Barbara Griffin who is the immigration attorney at Williams, Kratcoski & Can, LLC provides effective and efficient legal representation to all of her clients. Before joining this law firm, Barbara Griffin practiced immigration law in Columbus, Ohio and Virginia Beach, Virginia where she focused on removal defense and family based immigration cases. Barbara Griffin can provide sound legal advice to all clients in need. Call our law office at 330-673-3444 to schedule an initial consultation if you are renewing your green card. Consultations can be done in both English and Spanish. Se habla espan҃ol.